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Dinosaur Park in Russia, 2016 Winter

Ice and snow can't be the reason to stop children from visiting the dinosaur theme park, and this case is the best evidence.

2017 Sanya Haitang Bay Dinosaur Theme National Park

The first sixty-six Chinese Dinosaur stars in Haitang Bay dinosaur park are the essence of dinosaur research in China. They are all displayed in the way of 1:1 original big model.

       The Sixty-six species of animatronic dinosaur which maded by us in the park have been installed. These dinosaurs are made of steel skeleton and silica gel surface. They can turn the body and make the sound, and the simulation is very high.

Dinosaur Park in Russia, 2016 Summer

Everyone loves to see dinosaurs in the theme park because it will bring more excitement. Especially for the kids, they are crazy about the animatronic dinosaurs. Currently, most of the theme parks have different animatronics animals and models, notably dinosaurs that help to attract more visitors.And this Russian dinosaur park is the best example.

2017 Dinosaur Dream Park in Xiamen

The best dinosaur park opened in Xiamen. It is different from the traditional dinosaur park and more like a dinosaur science museum. Every visitor gets the most comprehensive and exciting visual experience